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Quite a few months ago now I mentioned on this blog why I started to make bracelets and how it turned into selling Bespoke Bracelets on Etsy as well as my own website.

I have taken the plunge and entered into the Etsy Small Business Contest… You can vote for me here. There will also be many other Etsy Sellers who have entered the contest! So make sure to look at these hashtags on social media #DifferenceMakesUs #EtsySmallBusiness to see what other shops you can vote for. Your vote isn’t limited to one shop.

This is probably one of the most scariest things I have done to date! The contest is for small business like mine to win £8,000 and runner up to win £2,000.

Personalised bracelet, bespoke bracelet

The reason I entered it… Well why not? I continue to have visions of where I would love to take Bespoke Bracelets, and I have always wanted to be able to customise silver for customers. Customers request this a lot! In a few weeks time I am also going to be in a better place where I can finally concentrate on this blog and Bespoke Bracelets. So when I received the email a few days ago, I was so excited to see where this could take me. From working full time, my work ethic and knowledge on digital marketing has developed immensely. I can’t wait to get stuck into this blog and jewellery with everything I have learnt.

To vote all you need to do is enter your email and tick the box to say you are not a robot aha! AND that is it… I will also love you forever… no joke!

This is my Etsy store I am slowly getting all my products on my website but for now my Etsy shop is where it is at.

Bespoke Bracelets Etsy

Below I have included why I have entered –

  • Briefly tell us about your business and what makes it different. Details could include how you got started, what makes your business stand out, or how difference has helped your business and others.

As a little girl I was given a very precious gift of a charm bracelet. The excitement and joy I had leading up to every occasion was unmeasurable. Then on my 13th Birthday I received a very grown up version of the bracelet and for me I feel there is something very special about being able to add items to a beautiful piece of jewellery. I became fascinated by how much joy it gives people and how sentimental an item can quickly become. Bespoke Bracelets, gives people an opportunity to create personal memories within a long lasting wearable gift. Each order is a ‘one off’, ensuring the gift is meaningful and as precious as it could be. Studying Fashion Management, I continued to follow my belief that gifts should be personalised. In this fast fashion world items I would like to think that this means my bracelets are unique and special. I want to continue to grow Bespoke Bracelets, to continue making memories by giving different types of jewellery and gifts, personalised to peoples needs.

  • How would you use the Etsy Small Business Contest money to scale your business in a big way this year?

I would invest in a laser machine. This would able me to make more unique jewellery in a variety of materials. Expanding into silver and sturdier products. To personalised other products such as jewellery boxes. Making it easier to create any type of personalisation the customer would like to capture a memory. Memories are to be treasured and I feel like with the resources this message will be possible. I would also like to help other small UK business that would like to create products with a laser machine and rent out the manufacturing service. I would also make tutorials on YouTube as I learnt. This is a very under utilised market when you are looking for help on creating and using such machines.

  • Describe a truly special moment you’ve had with a buyer. Did they request an extra special item? Inspire a successful new product? We can’t wait to hear!

One special moment that stands out to me the most. Is when a new mother contacted me. Asking for real silver beads on two bracelets, to spell out their newly born sons name. What made this extra special was when the mother asked after a year later. For the bracelets could get made again with the same beads. As the couple had never taken the bracelets off and because they had picked the colour white cord it had discoloured. They loved the bracelets so much they wanted to keep the memory as it meant so much to them. From this special customer she inspired me to want to make personalised products that are made from silver and are more durable. Making sure the memories last for a lifetime.

If your still with me… Remember you can vote here, it rather would mean the world to me if you do!

Let me know in the comments or by social media if you have voted! It would also be great if you could share this post or the link to vote.