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Working with Phoebe Emma

Press Samples

I do accept press samples and products that are relevant to my website. These will be taken into consideration for reviews and can be featured on Phoebe Emma and associated social media. However, I do reserve the right to what products will be featured unless previously discussed via email, sending a product over does not automatically mean a feature spot. Disclaimer Links will be added to the bottom of the post so that the readers can read my Disclaimer page.

If there is a product being sent that is subject to a deadline, please discuss this via email.

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts will only be accepted if I feel that they sits comfortably on my blog and that I can have some creative control. All conditions of a paid features must be discussed prior to any collaboration, including deadlines, payment agreements etc. Rates are discussed via email and are tailored to each post considering time and relevancy to my blog. No follow links are used in these posts.

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