Birthday Wish List!

Birthday Wish List


ASOS high heel loafer
£49 –

Yves Saint Laurent tote bag
£1,445 –

Heart jewellery

Bead Maharani pink

So in two weeks time I will be 21! This is a scary thought… I can remember my 18th like it was yesterday! Some people think that your 21st birthday should be as big as your 18th. I disagree with this because what does turning 21 actually stand for? Apart from becoming even more of an adult and having to make even more adult choices as you mature and start working at a placement like me. Or have to buckle down for your final year at uni… and reality sets in that now you really got to concentrate getting your degree. Or you have a partner and start looking forward to moving in together ect…

My family doesn’t believe in it being a massive birthday. So on that fact I wanted to make a post about what I will be saving up for and treating myself with for being an adult and doing adult things like a full time job. Because lets be honest we all love a good wish list!

Number 1.

So Saint laurent…. how I have lusted over you for years…. YEARS I tell you. I like my simple elegant shapes and I feel these bags are just that. Beautiful, elegant, classic and simple BUT effective! I am trying so hard to save up for a bag with birthday and money saved. If we get there… it will be a dream come true! I would love to pair this bag with several outfits… I do this in my head when I’m bored. I chose the pink colour, but I’m not completely decided… I would like to be daring but if I was to invest in a bag I would want to wear it all the time! One day… soon hopefully!

Number 2.

Now as a newbie blogger I have fallen into the trap of wanting this beautiful camera! I know by a few bloggers snapchats… That Olympus has now just released the Olympus pen 8. Now I can’t decided if I like the cream or black colour best. But I would be worried I would ruin the cream colour as I’m so clumsy! But I do not just want this camera because it looks pretty… I mean ok thats half of it aha. But I want to start sharing trips with you, start Vloging at some point and be able to take the camera with me anywhere and shoot. Its portable and lighter than a DSLR and does just as much as a DSLR can! WIN WIN. To be honest I half want to put it as my first thing I save up for… but when I already have a DSLR I feel its a bit silly. I also want to prove to myself that this blog is worth the investment.

Number 3.

I haven’t shown my Thomas Sabo bracelet off to you all yet. But this is my every day bracelet I wear it everyday and don’t really go out with out it not on. People do think it is a pandora bracelet as it has bead charms but they are very different charms to what pandora do. And have a bit of a higher price range. I already have a rose gold charm but I thought it would be nice to add to the collection. My bracelet is silver so having two rose gold charms and a silver one in-between would be really sweet. But post to come soon on the charm and bracelet I have already.

Number 4.

Now… These shoes… I think I’m in love. Half of me wants to get them now and not wait till my birthday but they are so daring and I need to be paid first. But how BEAUTIFUL are they! They are Gucci inspired and have a very good heal hight which is brilliant! I have paired so many outfits with these in my head already… that I know they would get a tone of use!

So my birthday wish list is complete… I probably could go on…. but I thought I should better stop so my purse doesn’t start shaking aha!

What is your favourite piece and do you have anything you are currently saving up for?

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  • I recently got the cream Olympus Pen for my birthday (wish it had been my 21st…!) and its such a fab camera, defo worth the investment! It’s also small enough to fit in many of my handbags and has the same quality as other DSLR cameras. Hope you have a fab 21st!
    Jaz X

    • phoebeemma

      Oh wow that’s so cool! Yes I so am going to try save up for it some how! Would be a fab investment I think! Thank you so much!! Xx